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ASQ-3 English

Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaires

The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) screeners are sets of valid, reliable, and age-appropriate questionnaires that were developed to be are filled out by the true expert on the child—the parents!  However, it is a tool that can be utilized by physicians, teachers, grandparents and other allied health professionals to monitor the developmental and social emotional well-being of children.  There are two screeners in the ASQ family:

  • ASQ®-3, which looks at key areas of early development


Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaire (ASQ-3)

ASQ-3 is a set of simple questionnaires trusted for more than 20 years to check child development. There are 21 ASQ-3 question­naires for use with children from 1 month to 66 months old (one questionnaire for each age range). Here are the five important areas of development that each questionnaire looks at:

  1. Communication: Your child’s language skills, both what your child understands and what he or she can say.
  2. Gross Motor: How your child uses their arms and legs and other large muscles for sitting, crawling, walking, running, and other activities.
  3. Fine Motor: Your child’s hand and finger movement and coordination.
  4. Problem Solving: How your child plays with toys and solves problems.
  5. Personal-Social: Your child’s self-help skills and interactions with others.

The “Overall” section asks open-ended questions about the child’s development and lets one weigh in with any concerns they may have.

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