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About us

We believe all children should be able to grow, develop and thrive.

Help Me Grow Marin is a collaboration of individuals and community organizations working to identify, build an organized system of resources and services, and thinking creatively about maximizing opportunities to support the children and families
in Marin County.

We are part of the Help Me Grow California network, as well
as the national network, working towards continued quality improvement in early childhood systems of care.

About us

Four core functions characterize the Help Me Grow model:

Centralized Access Point: The Centralized Access Point (call center) assists families and providers in connecting children to appropriate community-based programs and services.

Family & Community Outreach: Family & Community Outreach promotes Help Me Grow, facilitates provider networking and promotes children’s healthy development.

Child Health Care Provider Outreach: Child Health Care Provider Outreach promotes universal screening and supports early detection and intervention efforts by medical providers.

System Change: To ensure continuous quality improvement, System Change supports evaluation, helps identify systemic gaps, bolsters advocacy efforts, and guides quality improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Help Me Grow Marin
👉Co-regulation:👉Co-regulation is the ability to regulate emotions and behaviors to soothe and manage stressing internal sensory input or external situations, with the support and direction of a connecting individual. 👉Co-regulation is nurturing connection of another individual that supports regulation needs through the use of strategies, tools, and calming techniques in order to self-soothe or respond in times of stress.👉Co-regulation and self-regulation are part of the developmental process. Image from @coastalconnectionsot on Instagram. ... See MoreSee Less
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Help Me Grow Marin
Activities to implement in a child's everyday life to build foundational learning elements. For more activities... ... See MoreSee Less
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