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Child Development

The early years matter.

A child’s brain develops faster in the first five years than at any other time in their life.  By supporting our young children today, we promote healthier and more prosperous communities tomorrow.  Maximizing our communities’ potential starts with early childhood systems – education, healthcare, family services – that promote all children’s optimal healthy development.

About Us

What is Help Me Grow Marin?

Raising a child is hard work that can bring up a lot of questions for parents and caregivers.  The early years present incredible opportunity to build the brain’s neuro connections as it is rapidly developing during this time.  Science has shown that 85% of an individuals brain is mapped for life by the age of 3.

All children benefit from an organized system of community resources to help them thrive, like health care, quality early learning experiences, healthy nutrition, and parent support. However, when the system is not well organized, it can be difficult for families to access resources for their children and challenging for service providers to connect families to needed supports. This can have long-lasting consequences on children’s health and well-being.  Research shows that families strengthen when they know where to turn when they have concerns.

Help Me Grow Marin connects parents, caregivers, and providers with information and resources about early childhood development.

Families can learn about community resources and tools to support your child’s development or families need. Whether it be assessing your child’s development, helping applying for health insurance or help with finding a food bank, parenting class, information on child development, or low-cost medical clinic, we are there to help!

Providers who work with children and families can also use support. Through Help Me Grow Marin, they can access resources such as screening tools, referral recommendations, resources and care coordination assistance. They can also refer parents and caregivers directly to Help Me Grow and feel confident that a family will be connected to supports and resources.

What Is Help Me Grow Marin?

Four core functions characterize
the Help Me Grow model.

Centralized Access Point: The Centralized Access Point (call center) assists families and providers in connecting children to appropriate community-based programs and services.

Family & Community Outreach: Family & Community Outreach promotes Help Me Grow, facilitates provider networking and promotes children’s healthy development.

Child Health Care Provider Outreach: Child Health Care Provider Outreach promotes universal screening and supports early detection and intervention efforts by medical providers.

System Change: To ensure continuous quality improvement, System Change supports evaluation, helps identify systemic gaps, bolsters advocacy efforts, and guides quality improvement.

About us

Our team & partners.

Help Me Grow Marin is a collaborative system led by
First 5 Marin in partnership with local leaders.

About us

Our mission for Marin County.

We believe that all children in Marin County and their families should receive access to resources.

About us

What we do for children & families.

Help Me Grow Marin offers free information and resources for families and providers.

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Help Me Grow Marin
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Help Me Grow Marin
puedes darle a tu niño la seguridad y confianza que necesita para prevenir el estrés tóxico ... See MoreSee Less
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