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Learn about the Help Me Grow model.

Help Me Grow Marin connects parents, caregivers, and providers with information and resources about early childhood development.

Developmental and behavioral screenings.

Developmental & Behavioral Screenings can change the trajectory for kids.

How does Help Me Grow Marin work?

Watch this helpful video explaining how Help Me Grow Marin works and how to navigate and find services in the website

Early childhood milestones

How is your child doing?

All parents have questions, concerns  and needs regarding their children. On this page you will find helpful information and resources to support you in your role as a parent, caregiver or guardian.

Our approach

How we help.

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We are the central access point for information, support and resources.
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We provide personal and confidential case management, parent support and training.
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We offer training, presentations, quality improvement and best practices for providers.
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We ensure continuous system improvement through data collection and analysis.

Contact us for free and confidential support & resources.

Learn how we can help you.


Find information and resources you need to support your child’s optimal development.


Find community resources and learn how Help Me Grow Marin
can work with you.


Find resources to support
and strengthen your
services to children and families. Partner with us.

Learn how to receive a developmental and/or behavioral screening.


Need more information and materials about child development or parenting?


Here are some fun Bay Area activities to support
developmental and behavioral health of children.


Libraries in Marin County.

A list of public libraries in Marin County.

Learn more

Parks and Recreation in Marin.

List of parks, reserves, open spaces, and recreational activities in Marin County.

Learn more